We believe coaching is a significant and powerful contributor to addressing organizational change and talent development goals. Many of our programs include recommendations for one-to-one or team coaching as we have found that this has a significant impact on the motivation and development of your individuals and ensures that participants reach their development goals.

Top Talent Coaching

The most talented people in your organization are an asset. Preparing them for their next role ensures their performance is at an optimal level. Coaching prepares people for future roles and provides a solid base.

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Offering coaching is a clear signal that you value them and are ready to support them through their transition to being your top leaders of tomorrow.

Coaching provides a confidential forum in wich key people can consider the roles where they add greatest value.

It has a significant impact on the motivation and development of your talented leaders, making it more likely that the will stay with your organization.

Individual executive coaching

Executive coaching is customized to your needs as an individual leader in the context of your role and organization, and delivered to professionally accredited standards.

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Transition coaching

Transition coaching supports managers during periods of change and transition.

When leading change, you will have your own needs to meet and you will be more effective if you are able to pay attention to these needs within the transition. These needs often get lost in the complexities of supporting everyone else through the process.

The time to think through the implications of change for yourself, or think more creatively about how to deal with unforeseen difficulties is often in short supply. Transition coaching supports you as a manager on a short-term basis.

Executive team coaching

In high-performing teams all the relationships within the team work well, all members have a clear focus and understand their and their organization’s goals and needs. We work with your team to help you build effective relationships and understand the team dynamics. The aim of team coaching work is to enable your team to have higher quality conversations. From good conversations come good ideas, decisions and direction.

We work with reality, observing and reviewing existing processes in your organization, such as in regular meetings and interactions. Transparent feedback enables your team to understand how the way they relate to each other helps or hinders effective working.

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Through these reviews, we support your team to implement the recommended changes. If necessary we combine the work with one-to-one coaching.