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Jessica Bijvang

Jessica Bijvang

Talent manager

“..Your Growth is My Business…”

With her extensive experience of working with organisations and individuals, she helps to put the talent management in line with the organisation strategie.

One of Jessica’s unique talents is to design and create a safe learning envirement. With her inspiring personality, she know’s how to connect people to their inner power in ways that offers immediate results and find the right methods to help individuals and organisations to achieve their goals.

Since 2003, Jessica is the driving force behind Bijvang Consultancy.


Mylène Gordinou de Gouberville

Personal branding specialist

“You are a brand. No one else sees the world the way you do. So no one else can tell the stories you have to tell.”

―Charles de Lint

As an expert in essence coaching Mylène believes that personal branding and personal leadership go hand in hand. With her enthousiastic personality she know’s there is a strong, almost magical connection between taking control over your life, and become visible in who you are. Many people have their “personal brand” not yet defined. That is an immediate opportunity to show leadership and set yourself apart from the rest. A clear focus on what you do best and what you do prefer, it also ensures that you can present yourself in the end as an expert in your field. Then open up as a matter of new possibilities.

The most powerful version of yourself starts with your essence.

Mylène works with Bijvang Consultancy since 2013.


Jim Golstein

Career guide

“If people are inspired and truly motivated, succes is just around the corner.”

As a career guide Jim’s goal is to help clients uncover their true motivations and reach for their full potential. In times of personal change and professional transition it is good to have a navigator on your side. Together with ‘down to earth’ Jim, you will figure out what really makes you tick and how to align your career with that. Transferring personal insights to a clear path that perfectly suits, so you can make that unique contribution and be succesful.

Jim works with Bijvang Consultancy since 2006.